The Agriculture and Fisheries Financing Program (AFFP) provides small farmers and fishefolk (SFF) registered in the Registry System for Basic Sectors in Agriculture (RSBSA) an easier access to formal credit ti finance their agri-fishery production activities other than palay and corn. The program is implemented in partnership with the Land Bank of the Philippines (LANDBANK) through direct and conduit lending.



Program Description

The Agriculture and Fisheries Financing Program (AFFP) aims to help contribute to the attainment of inclusive growth through financial inclusion of the unbanked and under-banked sectors in agriculture.
The program intends to:

  1. Increase access to financing of small, marginalized farming and fishing households engaged in the production of priority commodities other than rice and corn in geographic areas unserved/under-served by financial institutions
  2. Help enhance the productive capacity, competitiveness, and income-earning potential of the said households through the provision of credit for production, processing, marketing, and other income-generating livelihood activities;
  3. Establish special financing facilities that will provide loans to small agricultural households: (a) in case of losses caused by extreme weather events and calamities; and (b) to finance climate change-resilient farming practices and technologies; and
  4. Facilitate the coordinated provision of credit-enhancement and other support services such as capacity building, technical assistance, credit guarantee, crop insurance, marketing, and monitoring and evaluation in order to optimize the benefits and potential impact of credit to target areas and beneficiaries.

I. AFFP – Land Bank of the Philippines – Agri-Financing Program

The Agricultural Fisheries Financing Program (AFFP) aims to contribute to inclusive growth by catering to small farmers and fisherfolk (SFF) registered under the RSBSA. In increasing access to financing of SFF, the AFFP enhances the capacity, competitiveness, and earning potential of SFF. The program also provides credit enhancements and support services such as technical assistance, marketing support, and crop insurance.

Program Coverage

Abra Isabela
Apayao Kalinga
Aurora Masbate
Batanes Mt. Province
Benguet Palawan
Cagayan Nueva Vizcaya
Ifugao Romblon
Ilocos Norte Zambales


Eligible Individual Borrowers

Small Farmers (non-Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries registered in the RSBSA)

  • Cultivating not more than five (5) hectares of land and/or engaged as small poultry/livestock raisers defined as those raising not more than the following:
    • Poultry – 1,000 poultry layers or 5,000 broilers
    • Swine – 10 sow level or 20 fatteners
    • Cattle – 10 fatteners or 5 breeders
    • Dairy – 10 milking cows
    • Goat – 50 heads

Small Fisherfolk (registered in the RSBSA)

  • Operating fishing vessels of not more than three (3) tons capacity;
  • Operating fishponds of less than five (5) hectares or fish cages of less than 400 square meters;
  • Fish workers in fishing boats, fishponds, or fish processing establishments; or
  • Other individuals engaged in small scale fish production, processing, and distribution

Service Conduits

  • Farmers/Fisherfolk Organizations (i.e. associations/cooperatives) operating in the Program priority areas

Eligible Projects

  • Production, processing, and trading of priority commodities of the DA such as, but not limited to, coconut, fishery, and high value crops, other than palay

Loan Purpose

  • To cover costs of production such as purchase of inputs for corn, high value crops, livestock/poultry and fish production, as well as the costs of processing and trading them
  • To finance the acquisition of tools, equipment, and machineries needed in producing/growing, processing and trading of crops, livestock/poultry and fish

Interest Rate

  • Fifteen percent (15%) per annum

Term of Loan

For production loan:

  • Based on crop/production/project cycle

For fixed asset acquisition loan:

  • Estimated useful life of fixed assets/ equipment acquired but not to exceed 5 years

Mode of Payment

  • Based on cash flow of the project which can be quarterly, semi-annually, or annually

Contact Information

ACPC Contact Person

  • Ms. Ma. Paz Faustorilla
    Tel. No.: (02) 636-3392
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Project Development Division

LANDBANK Contact Person

  • Ms. Gliceria Angeles
    Tel. No.: (02) 405-7450
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Programs Management Department I